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I Help High Performers Regain Their Balance


Are you wondering if this is where you need to be?

If you’re like me, you're driven to succeed.


You've spent years working hard on your career or business assuming that will manifest your success.


But things are showing up that deeply challenge those assumptions. Perhaps you've made some compromises to get ahead, but they're taking a toll on your mental or physical health. Maybe relationships have been sacrificed along the way. Or maybe the results you're trying to achieve are unsatisfactory. And after putting years of blood, sweat, and tears into it, you're gut is telling you something has to change.

You realize things aren't okay, but you haven’t been able to generate the right solutions on your own. 

You see people around you settle and check out, but you don’t want that. You know it’s time to shift into a new success strategy that fortifies what's been compromised. 

If this sounds like you…let’s get acquainted.


If you can say "yes" to 3 or more of the following statements, you're in the right place:

  • You’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, solopreneur, realtor, business consultant, executive, director, chef, or anyone who’s in a position of running their respective business or division for the purpose of growth and success. 


  • You find yourself choosing between your family and your work, and loved ones are complaining they never see you.

  • You feel like you don't have enough hours in the day to focus on important life-goals other than your career, business, or financial success.

  • You've made sacrifices that have diminished your health and happiness...or your integrity...trying to get ahead.

  • You're checked out on autopilot and feel disconnected, numb, or burned out.

  • You're constantly stressed out and can't remember the last time you felt happy, peaceful, or fulfilled.

  • you dislike what you’re doing or what your work has become and you’re thinking about starting over.

Okay...if you're still reading, we know you're in the right place. Let's keep talking!


I’m doing this because I did what you're doing now. But it doesn't have to be this way. You can have true success with realized fulfillment - a balanced career, a great relationship with your family, more free time for yourself, more peace, confidence, and security.

You should be creating your life from a place of inspiration and feeling happy with your choices.

The reason you don't have that is because you've focused on the external aspects of success and you've failed at making choices that honor your core values.

This is where I come in!


My C.O.R.E. Energetics System Reboot is all about creating a new success strategy that incorporates a heart-centered, holistic life practice.

We start by looking at what really matters to you in all aspects of your life, and then systematically manifest that out into your reality. It sets you up for true success with realized fulfillment.

My clients constantly tell me they feel a freedom and peace they've never felt before. A calming assurance that comes from knowing themselves better than they ever thought possible.

When they deeply connect with their values, they understand that it's all about making intentional choices that honor those values.


After working through my program, they've developed skills to recognize which of their activities are truly important, creating more confidence, well-being, compassion, inspiration, vision, and connection to their bigger purpose. 

If this sounds like what you’re wanting to achieve, I’m glad you’re here!    

Oh…and if you didn’t catch that, I’m a coach…so when you decide you need that, I’m ready!

Free Mini-Course

These are the 5 Critical Questions that Ignite Your Manifesting Energies...

When I realized how my Core Energetic Blocks were robbing me of my happiness, I set out to change it. That journey bought me up against 5 critical questions I had to answer for myself...and I want to share them with you.

These questions will: 

  • challenge you to your core

  • build your self-awareness  

  • help you define success on your terms 

  • guide how you show up in this life

  • help you get past what's blocking your progress

  • Ignite your manifesting energies

I wish someone had asked me these questions a long time ago. They would have helped me avoid making choices that compromised my values and sacrificed my happiness.

Free Mini-Course


My name is Harlan Snyder

I’m Harlan Snyder, founder of Core Energetics Coaching; I've spent nearly three decades in corporate sales, coaching, training, motivating, and management...alongside launching a few of my own businesses.


It took a big toll on me. For the first decade, I suffered with acute anxiety and depression while managing, training, and opening multiple store locations for a couple fast growing retail companies.


In my thirties, I started to see it affect my health, suffering from multiple herniated discs do to the stress and pressure.


At age 37, my family disintegrated and I became a full-time single dad to my 2 year old son. It was emotionally excruciating trying to balance my personal responsibilities with my career. And the pride I took as a father was a liability to the companies I worked for.

And that's when I started getting serious about my own choices and where I was going to end up if I stayed on that path. I spent a couple years diving deep into my coaching certifications and have now been coaching for 7 years.


But even after I got out, I continued to paying a price for my previous years pursuing a false version of success. A couple weeks before my 50th birthday, I suffered a major blood clot in my main artery that almost took me out.


You see, no matter how hard you work for what you want, there are no guarantees it will pay off. I realized almost too late it’s not worth sacrificing my happiness by gambling it on some future misguided version of success.

As a Success Coach, I’ve guided and uplifted people from all walks of life…from those who are just getting started on their career path and want to avoid the success traps, to those dealing with career burnout, relationship hardships, dissatisfaction with life and personal results, and lack of direction…to those who want to reconnect with their authenticity, create their own success, and leave a powerful legacy.

I’m not saying this to brag. I’m saying this because I know I’m here to help people create the positive impact they want to have in their careers, relationships, personal growth, and in our society.

I live in beautiful Boulder, CO with my kid. I love to spending time in the Great Outdoors. I believe in the healing, regenerative power of nature…and believe we, too, have the ability to heal and remake ourselves. I’m here to guide you through that process.

Harlan Snyder ~ Core Energetics Coach
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If you’re curious about coaching and what that process looks like, I’m happy to let you know I put a high value on asking important questions and drawing out your best, as apposed to telling you what I think you should do.  

When we choose to work together, I utilize gifts of empathy and discernment along with valuable listening skills to ask questions focused on uncovering harmful Core Energy Blocks that are disrupting the manifesting power of your energetic centers…then we apply important tools, strategies, and rituals to clear those blocks and re-establish a positive, open energy flow through the power of intentional choice.  

Together, we’re going to embark on an exquisite journey of self-discovery. You’ll become intimately aware of your Core Energy Centers, learning how to keep each one open, balanced, and flowing. Then you will set goals that align with your core energy and take action, manifesting the life you most desire. 

Let's get started! Send a message to sign up for my Complimentary Core Energy Coaching Session now.


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