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Envision...Is This the Best of Who You Are?

Have you ever envisioned who you are when you’re living out your higher potential?

I don’t mean your personal success, career success or financial success. We can probably all forecast some version of ourselves with lots of influence, money, and business savvy.

And I’m not talking about describing WHAT you do...or will do.

I’m talking about envisioning your Self-Success!

What does it look like to know yourself so well, you’ve become your own best friend? Where you know when to give yourself grace, space, and encouragement. Or you can celebrate your failures and applaud your success.

What kind of intrapersonal relationship do you have with your physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual be-ing?

This is about being the best you possible. Tapping into and living your higher potential. Where you’ve spent enough time discovering yourself that you’ve actually become an expert on...YOU!

Knowing yourself is what it’s all about.

In her first coaching conversation with me, a client asked me to describe ”Self-Success.” She understood the “wholistic, heart-centered, values based life practice” definition she read on my website, but she was a sensory learner and wanted to feel, see, hear, and smell it.

Now, I’ve been envisioning this for a long time. And throughout the week, I use it as a tool to connect me with the energies that most want to be alive in me. It not only provides me with meaning and direction, it keeps me clear about my goals. Because sometimes these energies shift. It’s important to make sure it all resonates so you can stay true to yourself.

So I had her close her eyes, take a couple deep, slow breaths, and bring herself into the moment so she could visualize in her mind what I’m about to describe...But before I do that...

I want you to join in on the visualization.

I’d like for you to prepare yourself and do the same. You don’t have to close your eyes, because you’ll be reading. So start by taking a couple slow, deep breaths in...then out. Focus on your breathing for several seconds.

Clear your mind of any thoughts or agendas, and let yourself become present with the words you are reading. Bring yourself into the moment and become mindful of your different senses.

For example:

You’re looking at the words you’re reading, but can you also become aware of what’s in your peripheral vision? You don’t have to look at what you see, but simply allow it to be present with you while you read.

What physical sensations can you feel while you’re reading? Can you feel where your body is connecting with your environment? Are your fingers touching an electronic device? Are you sitting in a chair, standing, or laying down?

When you breathe through your nose, are there any aromas or scents you can identify? Do you have coffee next to you that you can smell? Scan the air with your nose to see if you can identify any aromas around you.

Congratulations! You’ve entered into a state of mindfulness. With your senses engaged, see if you can envision this description of Self-Success:

“You know how to turn on your creative inspiration. You turn thoughts into reality. You're intentional - tuned in - careful not to let yourself stay on autopilot.

You accomplish from a place of’re in the zone, and it’s a powerful, creative energy. 

You're connected with your core values. You know them like they were your ears, eyes, nose, or fingers.They’re second nature to you. And when faced with a choice, you subconsciously assess if it aligns with your values.

Your goals are in proper alignment. They resonate from within you. They are energies that elicit feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction.

You make deliberate choices with confidence, knowing each choice brings you satisfaction.

Your heart is in the right place, and so are your thoughts. You're in a great place emotionally. Your past is forgiven. Your relationships flourish.

You're grounded, secure, and you enjoy a thriving mindset. You're determined and disciplined, without the need for criticism. You’re both strong and compassionate.

You know your personal vision, mission, and place in this world. You're making a difference.

You've created a sustainable process that rewards you with happiness and fulfillment. You keep things in balance. You’re both proud of your accomplishments and humbled by the journey.

Your life is a sweet incense, rising up as an offering to the universe.

I wholeheartedly believe in the power, the vision, and the possibility of Self-Success.

If you connected with what I just described, you might want to cut and paste or screen shot the above visualization. Then practice the visualization each day to keep you focused on developing your Self-Success.

Have you’ve had enough of the rat-race? Is the non-stop focus on money and consumption drilling a hole straight through your heart — and leaving you with an empty feeling? Maybe it’s time to blaze a new trail that’s completely unique to you.

Whoever you want to be in this world, there’s room and need for it. You can create your own definition of success. It doesn’t have to sound anything like the one society tries to force you into.

As you develop your Self-Success, you live out your personal definition of success into the world. And it’s powerful!

Leave a comment and let me know if you connected with the visualization. And feel free to share it with someone who values success.

Wold you like to explore the vast, unlimited, and infinite field of potential within you? You’re welcome to join me on an exquisite journey of self-discovery. I’ll help you create integrity, authentic happiness, and balance in ALL areas of your life.

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