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Supercharge Your Self-Confidence Now

Sometimes the mental picture you hold about yourself isn't the best. In times like this, it‘s challenging to stay the course. Your thoughts can the best of you and they chip away at your self-confidence.

If your mental picture needs a positive boost, the technique I'm about to share is a life-send! It evolved out of my own need to strengthen my self-confidence.

Growing up, I had super-low self-esteem. It‘s onset was a combination of family dysfunction, poor self-image, and not being taught positive self-worth...which lead me to believe I could never be good enough.

I’ve battled it in different ways throughout my personal development. And it’s something I wasn’t able to forgive about myself until I was in my 40’s.

I’ve learned that on the road to Self-Success, it's important to stay confident – and the Three Compliments Balance Sheet is the way to go.

Here's what to do:

First - Download and print out the 3 Compliments Confidence Account:

3 Compliments Confidence Account
Download PDF • 72KB

Next, when you wake up in the morning, grab your Balance Sheet and pen, go to the nearest mirror, look yourself square in the eyes, and pay yourself three compliments.

Perhaps you like how your eyes glow in the morning light? Or maybe you appreciate how your smile looks today? Perhaps you believe that you are a smart and intelligent person? Just find anything…anything that you appreciate in yourself, things that make you feel good about yourself. Write each compliment in your Confidence Account (No using the same compliment twice!)

You may not be used to paying yourself compliments. We learn from a young age to become indebted to our flaws. The goal is to focus on your positive qualities. It’s time to build up you confidence account instead of depleting it.

Write down the compliments, read them aloud in front of the mirror and congratulate yourself. Then let your day go on as usual. Make this a daily habit going forward!

This will encourage self-love, self-respect and give you a better mental picture about your own worth.

While at first it might seem a bit weird to do this exercise — and you might get the feeling that you’re wasting your time — this exercise is powerful!

It’s like filling your bank account dollar by dollar each and every day – do it for one week, you have a few extra dollars, do it for 3 weeks, you start chipping away at your old self-esteem debt – but do it for long enough and soon, one day, you’ll realize that your Confidence Account is overflowing with abundantly great deposits!

In fact, you’ll see that you’re invaluable...PRICELESS!

Deposit just THREE compliments at a time and watch your confidence account grow! That’s what this exercise will do for you – do it long enough, and your Self-Success is guaranteed!

I’m curious to know what this tool does for you. Once you’ve started this practice and you’ve been making some daily deposits, leave a comment and let me know if and what personal perspectives have begun to shift.

And feel free to share this with anyone who could use a big boost of self-confidence.

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