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You're AMAZING! Never Settle for Less

Have you ever worked for a company who misrepresented their values when they hired you, and the honeymoon was cut short because you quickly realized it? Most likely, the company culture was negative or toxic. Because, like you, the company’s dishonesty affected all the other employees.

In your first few sales, management, or team meetings you were probably recognized and made to feel welcome. But within a month or so, those meetings turned into beatings. There was a clear line drawn between employees and those who directed them.

Having been in sales and management in the corporate world, I’d say it happens more often than we’d like to admit. And if you’re going to work, you have to play the game.

Interestingly, the other night I had a dream about one of my previous employers. In that dream, I was back in an old sales position working for corporate. I was attending a required sales meeting along with all the employees from around the region. The room was packed. And although the employees were happy to see each other, there was a feeling of dread about having to attend this meeting.

Our district manager jumped up front, grabbed a microphone, and began talking. She was flipping her hair, and going on about how all her employees were making her look bad in the corporate rankings. Her comments were snide and belittling. Many a time we'd set through these meetings and were made to feel anything but amazing.

But instead of holding my tongue about it, I decided to act. I'd had enough. As soon as she finished her verbal lashing, I walked up front and grabbed the microphone.

I leaned over to an employee sitting toward the front and asked if she'd be willing to share something about herself that she considered amazing. She was a bit puzzled. It was obvious this question had caught her off guard. She turned shy and said she didn't know. 

So I asked her if there was something she liked doing outside of work that she loved...something she could get lost in and knew she could do really well. 

Her face lit up. She began to share how she loved to create picture frames. She explained that when she began to personalize picture frames with different craft material, it inspired her. She felt amazing when she was being creative!

In fact, many Of her friends thought she should consider marketing her creations. A big smile came across her face. You could see it. You could even feel this peace come over her. This was her SWEET SPOT!

I then asked her if anyone in this company had ever made her feel that way...inspired or amazing. She answered, "No, not once."

I went to another employee and asked him to share something about himself that made him feel amazing. He talked about how he loved to jump on his bike and take power rides through the mountains. It boosted his confidence and self-esteem, and helped him cope with stress. His face lit up as he talked about cycling through the mountains, the thrill of coasting down-hills, and the endurance he had built up doing this...he felt alive and felt like he could accomplish anything. I asked him if he had the same feelings about his work at this company. He also answered, "No, not once."

I began speaking to the room of salespeople, "We should all love who we are, and We all deserve nothing less than amazing.  In fact, I want to tell you that every one of you are absolutely amazing! You deserve amazing in your life. You deserve feeling the joy of inspiration and the exhilaration of success.“

” Never settle for anything less than amazing. Never let anyone tell you that you’re less than amazing." 

"Out of 7.5 billion people on this earth, you're the only one with your exact set of talents, gifts, and're the only "you" in this world, and I hope it makes you feel amazing." 

"Why is it that we don't feel amazing...that we don't experience amazing...that we don't live amazing? Somewhere along the road, when we're doing what feels or seems amazing, someone comes along and tells us we're wrong. They tell us we have to act, live, work, and play certain ways to get what we want, and then we'll feel amazing...but we don't. We feel tired, overextended, frustrated, stressed, and worn out. We lose our dreams and our visions.  We settle for less than amazing and end up just trying to survive."

"In my world; in the world that I find amazing, I'm not pushed or talked down to, I'm celebrated. I'm encouraged, I'm made to feel amazing. When I feel amazing, then I live amazing. When I live amazing, then I am amazing. And the clients I serve also get an amazing experience. It’s AMAZING!" 

"My friends, in all that you do, in all that you are, in all that you are yet to become, I want you to know that you are amazing. You deserve nothing less!"

...Well, it was quite a dream.  I'm not sure if I got fired or not...or if my outburst had any affect on the way corporate America treats their employees. But it certainly felt good to get that off my sub-conscious chest!

How about you...are you settling for less than AMAZING? If so, don't sell yourself short. Don't let the corporate rat-race push you down. Find what inspires you and do what makes you feel amazing. Take the leap!

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