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Pushing the Envelope – Creating Your Own Adventure

Some believe that fate determines their lives. Others abide by the expression, “Life is what you make it.” Although it’s fine to believe in fate, if you want something different, exhilarating, or exciting in life, it might not work out so well to sit around waiting for fate to produce it.

Instead, why not see your life as something you get to create?

Use these strategies to create and pursue more adventure in your life:

1. Try something different. Shake up your routine. For example, if every Friday night you go to the same restaurant and eat your same favorite menu item, this Friday, go to a completely new restaurant in a different area. Or go crazy and go on Thursday!

2. Stop taking the path of least resistance. It’s not unusual to take the path you perceive as “safe”– that provides you with the least obstacles and roadblocks. However, sometimes, you might be compelled to take the road less traveled, especially if the end result provides a great adventure or inspires you creatively.

  • Struggle now to win great rewards later. Refrain from shying away from challenges that might beset you...especially if you believe that BIG rewards will come in the future.

3. Generate a list of least likely options. Figuratively speaking...f you’re used to cruising along down a boring familiar road, what if you were to consider some of those hairpin curves or steep, climbing stretches? You might be surprised what’s on the other end of your journey.

  • Consider your choices. For example, if you’re exploring options of either taking a simple 9-week course because it provides quicker results, or 2 years of night school to get a degree, look closely at your least likely option so you can take into account the journey and the adventure of each choice.

4. Choose the journey that deep down, you think you can’t do but you really want to. Maybe you’re worried about getting the school loan for the 2-year educational program and you know the time constraints will be tough, but you still want to go for it.

  • And then, reality sets in and you think, “I just can’t do it! I won’t have time to work, take care of my family, and stay in shape.” Maybe it’s time to opt for the thing that really calls to you, deep inside. It might be the greatest ride of your life! And who knows who you might encounter along the way?

5. Act now. There’s an old saying: “He who hesitates is lost.” In order to discover all the hidden gems that life has in store for you, don’t let any grass grow under your feet. Do something. Now.

6. Claim your own life. Although you might have lived your life based on what your parents or friends wanted you to do, you can step forward now to take possession of your own life.

  • What kind of life adventures do you want?

7. Live life as if you won’t get a second chance. Even if you believe in multiple lives, view your current life as if it’s the only one you’ll have. Staying in touch with that idea will compel you to go toward your desired adventures full speed ahead. Pretend it could all be

over tomorrow.

Living a life filled with adventure requires you to reach out of that comfort zone and push the envelope a bit. Go for something different and take a more challenging path. Make a list of least-likely choices. Look deep down within yourself to find what you really want. Start now and take back your life. Live as if you won’t get a second go-round.

Create your own life adventure and enjoy the results!

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