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3 Reality Checks You Need to Consider

You're probably wondering, "Why does he say Self-Success instead of personal-success?"

It's simple. In today's society, personal success tends to focus on external actions and results while often overlooking internal values or motives. In our business world, there's a push to excel. Personal success is measured by career and financial advancement.

YET...when you take a look under the hood, this system is plagued with problems.

For example:

  • According to government research, 49% of the working population is not satisfied with their job.

  • In another study it was discovered that only 9% of workers are actually happy with their current position.

  • Further research has uncovered that 55% of American workers are showing signs of job burnout.

You'd think that all the push and hype for personal success would be creating phenomenal satisfaction rates. But it's mostly been the opposite. It's pushing people to the brink of unhappiness and burn-out.

I started using the term "Self-Success" to help distinguish between the failing examples of external success prevalent within our society vs an internal pursuit of success based on personal values, authentic happiness, balance, integrity, and self-satisfaction.

In fact, I think there are three critical differences between personal success and Self-Success:

  1. Self-Success is about adopting a life-long, values-based mindset. It's about taking the high road and walking the walk.

  2. Self-Success is about leading by your career, your finances, your family, and within your community. Your integrity matters. It teaches future generations how to sustain and foster a healthy society.

  3. Self-Success keeps us from pursuing things out of a place of greed, power, control, or other lower desires of our human nature. 

Let me throw some names out and see if you can tell the ones who were/are achieving from a heart of Self-Success (living by one's higher values) and those who were/are pursuing personal success (sidestepping their integrity to achieve fortune or status)...

  • Ghandi

  • Martha Steward

  • Bill Gates

  • Mother Theresa

  • Oprah

  • Donald Trump

  • Bernie Madoff

  • Colin Kaepernick

  • Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Nelson Mandela

Chances are, there's some names you might immediately place in one category or the other. Perhaps there's some other names who could be questionable? They kind of go both ways. They've done some important things, but their integrity has also taken some big hits.

It's important to recognize that many people have experienced success in one form or another. When you choose to compromise your integrity and values, it doesn't only impact impacts our society.

That's why choosing to pursue Self-Success is so critical. 

I want to infuse this society with leaders who are true to themselves, and true to their word.

Self-Success brings you face to face with how you're going to choose to lead. Together, we're going to figure out who you are, what matters most to you, and why you matter.

Join me on an exquisite journey of self-discovery, self-healing, and self-empowerment. You won't be a different'll be a more authentic version of YOU.

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